We are very excited to announce the launch of Joust 1.0!  

As many of you know we’ve all been playing in the sandbox of our beta for the past few months.  The feedback we have received has been incredible and after a pretty impressive update of features we have now removed the BETA label from our logo!  Check out the below for all the latest info on this update.

In this new version you will find:

  • A smooth and streamlined feed of open jousts
  • Field jousting (multiple answer choices)
  • Custom contests which are now separate from the Joust Global competition and point totals.  We will have new contests with great prizes rolling out regularly.
  • Quizzes, polls and trivia throughout Joust Global and contests to earn bonus points.  Remember to look for the Blue Stars!
  • Improved overall usability (thanks for all the great feedback)

What else you need to know:

  • While we have carried over your points, you will notice your user history and leaderboard status are both reset.  We know how hard many of you have worked to earn your leaderboard positions and that will not go unnoticed.  Rest assured that we are keeping a record of the Joust Beta leaders and we will be rewarding top players with special achievements once our achievement system is launched. 
  • Some joust topics you love may be missing (i.e. MLB and NBA).  Don’t worry, we will be adding both and more great content (with real-time scores and stats) over the coming days/weeks
  • When you log in, you’ll notice your profile image will be missing.  Simply go to your profile to upload a new image.

Coming Soon:

  • Follow/Following of friends
  • Ability to create private groups and private challenges
  • Awards and Achievements for earned status
  • Many new partner integrations

 Thank you for your continued support. We’d love to hear from you, so hit us in the comments below or message us on our Facebook page!

 - The Entire Joust Team! 

UFC 172

If you think it sounds like hype when they say this will be Jon Jones’ toughest fight to date… that’s because it is just that: hype. Anytime you’re being asked to pony up $60 for the PPV, you’re going to hear a lot of hype.

It is hard to believe that this fight will be more difficult for Jones than his last match against Gustaffson - which surely only made Jones that much better (hard to imagine). 

But, Teixeira is a beast who hasn’t lost in 9 years on a 20 match winning streak. A lot is being made of his freakish strength and one punch knock-out power.  If he’s able to catch Jones slipping, he might just land that one shot that will do it.  But Jones’ is a master of controlling a fight with his length and has a ferocious arsenal of mixed striking that keeps almost everyone at bay.

If Teixeira can’t get inside against Jones, he also has brutal submission finishing power.  But Jones doesn’t get taken down.  In fact, it has only happened once in his UFC career (vs Gustaffson).

The most interesting Joust might be whether or not the fight will end in a (T)KO or a decision / tapout.  While Jones has some of the most dangerous kicks and elbows in the game, he might want to maintain distance throughout the fight to avoid Teixeira’s vicious boxing - leading to a longer more drawn out affair.

Some great fights on the undercards too including Davis vs Johnson and Miller vs Green.  Tim Boetsch is 7:1 for a tasty long shot…. This card is so packed, we’ve even got Benavidez in the prelims!  

Click here to get in on all of it!